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Another post about the weather

I haven’t actually performed this analysis, but I estimate that if I were to examine the archives (formally a domain), somewhere around a quarter of my postings would be about the weather at the time. I plan to continue in this proud tradition, right after the following teaser: two life-changing events have occurred since the last time I posted anything to this lonely site, but you’ll have to wait to hear what they are until the next time I get around to updating. Here’s a hint: they are both Nintendo related.

I think our local weather deity is on vacation somewhere warm, and whatever replacement the temp agency got to fill in came from somewhere like the Falkland Islands, or maybe the Yukon Territories. Seattle is cold, and not just by Seattle standards. It is actually cold enough to freeze water, which you may recall is a vital component of organic life on earth. My apartment, which I’m normally proud to say includes the original windows installed almost a century ago, is several degrees warmer than the frozen wasteland outside, but not as many degrees as I would like. A sweater, jacket, and even stocking cap have been my normal indoor apparel lately, even as my radiators clank and fume and emit their wan heat. It is not enough!

Over the last few days our fair city has been graced with several inches of snowfall, which is more than enough to bring the entire I-5 corridor to its knees. Seattle doesn’t often see snow, so it is wholly unprepared to handle it. As a result, most of the major roadways are either closed off (like steep hills) or effectively shut down by traffic and accidents. But the city’s lack of preparation cannot even compare to the average driver’s, which can safely be described as “biblical.” Seattle drivers can barely manage rain — the merest hint of frozen precipitation sends them into a panicked fishtail, followed by an immediate reduction in speed to half the legal limit. I’m very, very glad I didn’t have anywhere I had to drive over the last couple days.

Even I am not immune, though. This morning, walking down the last of the steep hills between my apartment and the office, I stepped onto a patch of ice and fell heavily on my ass. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that a man in a passing SUV honked at me and gave me a thumbs-up.

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