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The blizzard continues

I know, I know, more about local weather, but this snow did make national news. The AP’s video clip spends an alarming amount of time interviewing children, and none of the shots appear to feature more than patches of white. All in all, the videos make humdrum what in fact was fairly dramatic.

I happened to be at Adam’s and Joslin’s in Fremont, an hour into The Princess Bride, when I looked out the window and noticed the giant, soggy flakes dumping out of the sky. I knew that if I stuck around any longer, what little hope I had of being able to drive home would quickly vanish with the asphalt. I grabbed the DVD and left right then, but was back in a few minutes — the back left tire on my trusty Toyota was completely flat. I was already anxious about driving in the snow at all, and I wasn’t about to attempt it with a flat tire.

Luckily, Adam has a truck with four-wheel drive and offered me a ride home. We stopped on the way at the Woodland Park Zoo parking lot, where Adam spent some quality time performing “truck ballet” in the empty lanes, cackling madly all the while. Right as we were arriving, another truck with the same idea showed up, and a friendly skidding competition ensued. No one was hurt.

Following a white-knuckle drive on I-5 back to my apartment, during which we couldn’t see lane markers at all, the snowfall abruptly ceased, then proceeded to wash itself away with rain and balmy air. I was secretly hoping for a snow day, no matter how many motorists had to pay the price, but I guess it’s better this way.

Don’t worry, description of life changing events forthcoming.

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