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A very Musgrave Christmas

The most important thing to happen at Christmas (besides the birth of our dear lord and savior Jesus the Christ) is that I got a digital camera, which was actually a very belated graduation present. I fought against getting one for the longest time, since everyone has one and takes pictures with it constantly, but now that internet photo sharing has reached a sufficiently advanced stage I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I even got a “pro” account at Flickr, which you can peruse here. Most of the action over Christmas took place off camera, since I’m still new to the whole “camera ownership” thing, but you browse the lot here.

Most of the off-camera, too-hot-for-flickr action alluded to above centered around the Nintendo Wii, which I brought home to show off to the family. Everyone took to it right away with varying amounts of excitement. A combination of zeal and Redhook ESB caused my little sister to enjoy herself so much playing Wii Tennis that she threw her shoulder out of the socket and (much more worryingly) whap the controller against several hard surfaces. Don’t worry, she’s fine. It happens all the time. My Dad bowled a dozen rounds against the kids (with perfect form, I might add), and played a full 9 holes of golf with me. The most universally enjoyable activity was creating Miis for all the family members, and we managed to get decent likenesses of everyone.

Then last weekend, Nathan, vacationing from his studies of computational neuroscience in Switzerland (really), joined me for a visit to Vancouver to see Bryan, vacationing from his studies of the philosophy of science in Pittsburg. The only downside to our joyous reunion was its tragically short duration. Pictures are here. After leaving Bryan’s house, I dropped Nathan off in Portland while I visited my older brother and his kids in Beaverton (pictures in previous link). Those blindingly redheaded girls are gaining life skills, such as walking, talking, and not crapping themselves, at an alarming pace. They’ll be getting honorary doctoral degrees from Evergreen State before we know it.

Nathan and I had been back in Seattle less than 10 minutes on Sunday night when I established contact with Roark, who indicated that Adam had already been dispatched to my house to pick the two of us up and drive us to Olympia for a rockin New Year’s Eve party. It turned out that our group, 8 people strong, comprised the majority of party goers, but we don’t allow things like that cramp our style. If anything, we thrive in isolation. The party was all kinds of fun that’s best not mentioned here, including Joanna Newsom sing-alongs and James Brown dance parties. Plus I got to know Malen, an ex housemate of Roark’s, well enough to establish her place as one of my favorite people of all time.

Now the working grind has resumed, and exposure to an East Coast bug Adam brought back with him and a profound amount of sleep deprivation have combined forces to strike me low. I’m not dying, but I could be doing a lot better. Pray for my swift recovery.

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