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More photo evidence

Kelly was kind enough to put up some pictures of my tattoo experience, described earlier. Thanks, Kel! The tattoo looks pretty much as pictured, except no longer red and puffy. Also, the hair growing back where it was so cruelly shorn gives an interesting look to the design. I am a hirsute young man! Yep, still no regrets.

After a weekend filled with bed / couch rest and electronic entertainment, I now feel a good deal more like a human being and less like a bottle of Elmer’s glue. The phlegm is on the retreat! On Sunday I actually went to see two movies at the theater, something I haven’t done in a long time. Night at the Museum should have been good. It had all the right elements: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, magic realism … did I mention Owen Wilson already? Despite these winning traits, it fell flat. I can’t really say why it was so bad, so deeply unfunny and trite, but it was. My opinion was undoubtedly swayed by the obnoxious child-mother combo seated right behind me who never stopped talking. “Mommy, what’s 1492? Was grandpa alive then? What did that man just do?” It’s not considered polite to take strangers aside to give them parenting tips, but if it were, I would have told that lady, “Look, lady, when your stupid seven-year-old talks during a film, you don’t answer his question, you tell him to shush, and you follow that with a backhand if necessary.” Guaranteed that kid’s going to be on ADHD medication in a couple years. Second was Children of Men, which is the most engrossing, utterly convincing science fiction movie I’ve seen since Soylent Green. See it by whatever means necessary as soon as possible.

Finally, see if you can recognize the spontaneous 80’s-pop-culture reference that grew organically from this IM conversation with Roark, reproduced below:

Roarchex: i know.. there is actually talk of people making a gmo of me
muskrat3581: oh god
muskrat3581: it would just sit around waiting for its organs to be harvested
Roarchex: well, i will need them eventually
muskrat3581: yeah you will
muskrat3581: you’re gonna need the liver first
muskrat3581: then the lungs
muskrat3581: then the pancreas
muskrat3581: then the kidneys
muskrat3581: finally, the heart
muskrat3581: the precious heart
muskrat3581: a full skin graft couldn’t hurt
muskrat3581: might as well, we’re already in there
Roarchex: and then the ears.. get on with it…
muskrat3581: no!
muskrat3581: your ears i leave!
muskrat3581: so that every little girl, … etc.
muskrat3581: dear GOD what is that thing!
muskrat3581: say it!
Roarchex: grr ft ft !!
muskrat3581: i love us

If the last two lines don’t make any sense or cause you to despair for the world, congratulations. You could pass for a normal, functional member of society. But don’t pat yourself on the back too hard. It’s a pretty low bar.

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