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Still almost famous

True story: today an 18-year-old girl from Richmond, VA tracked me down on to give me mad props for that Modest Mouse / selling out editorial I wrote almost two years ago, recently reposted on a forum somewhere in the vastness of the internets. At least, her myspace profile says she’s an 18-year-old girl from Richmond, VA, but for all I know she could just as easily be a 36-year-old trucker named Frank from Eugene. For better or worse, that thing is still the most inflammatory thing I’ve ever written, even moreso than “The Rise of American Fascism.” Impending autocracy in America can’t compete with the vital topic of indie cred.

WhenI told my coworkers about this, they asked if I was going to be flying to Richmond to “see her.” This is how hard-up my coworkers are.

Thanks are due to Jared, bilious songwriter / egomaniac from my college days, in response to whom I became angry enough to write the editorial in the first place. He and I have a singular talent for pissing eachother off.

Steak Night was almost canceled due to inclement weather — more snow in Seattle, lawdy — but Adam is on his way over as we speak to escort me to Fremont heights with his four-wheel drive and expansive winter driving skills. Tradition finds a way. Barbecueing in the snow is tremendously wonderful, by the way.

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