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Fine, I’ll buy some damn roses, jeez!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which means you are supposed to buy something red and give it to someone you love. It’s best if you’re also, shall we say, physically intimate with this person, but anyone you love will do, like sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, elementary school teachers, or the office secretary. Just please, buy something red and give it out. If you don’t buy something red, it means you donít really, in your heart of hearts where your inner child lives, love your baby sister. And so on. I don’t actually oppose Valentines Day — I think it’s romantic, and I’m not apologizing. Every holiday has been co-opted by the greeting card and candy industries (new Presidents Day Snickers!), so it’s not really fair to hold that against one. I say show some love, just don’t buy too much useless crap. Note to every store and roughly half of all advertisement on television: I know, ok? You can give it a rest. Fine, I will buy that red heart-shaped plush bear! Take a moment and stop and think to yourself, and I mean really, really think, what it means that we have a greeting card industry in America. I’ll wait. There’s a doctoral thesis in that question for someone who never, ever wants to leave school.

In less than a four-hour window today, I spilt a liter of water on my desk at work and scalded myself with boiling water at home. I tend to forget what real world consequences can be wrought by my absently flailing limbs. This is a constant problem with me, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better with age. I walk down the hallways to get a water refill, deftly juggling the bottle the whole way, and then a half hour later I paw the thing over right in front of my keyboard. The damage was minimal this time, but I really need to start paying attention, especially considering my open laptop was also less than a foot away. Computers don’t like water nearly as much as I do.

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