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Culinary rampage

I feel so proud of myself right now. Having finally hauled my ass to the YMCA to slow my middle-aged enfeeblement, I came home ravenous and wanting protein. Last night I displayed my usual lack of foresight in not putting any meat out to defrost, so this evening I had few options to consider for a main course. It took daring, but I boldly and deftly crafted the following recipe:

1 huge russet potato, microwaved
1 6 oz. can albacore tuna
2 tbsp. caesar dressing
2 oz. grated sharp Tillamook cheddar
cajun, italian herb seasonings

You can imagine how those ingredients are combined, but you probably are at a loss as to why I would care to do so. I shared your doubts, but I was surprised: the resulting delicacy was marvelous beyond words. Take everything that’s wonderful about a tuna melt, everything hearty and decent about a baked potato, and add the zesty tang of a bottle of hippie-oriented organic salad dressing I found in the fridge and you have the makings for a meal to satisfy any man, or an exceptional lady.

Malen graced Seattle with her presence last weekend, and she put some pictures up of a particular afternoon. Enjoy!

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