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Watch your step

A myriad of bruises on myself and friends, piles of broken possessions, and several hundred dollars of water damage and stains all attest to the fact that I’m a klutz. I always qualify such a statement by noting that when I’m paying attention to what I’m doing I’m quite coordinated, with a good sense of balance and hand-eye coordination and so on, but most of the time I’m on autopilot and the world should be on high alert.

Most of my little mishaps are the result of my absently playing with some object held in wildly flailing arms — I would estimate that a good three quarters of the things I break I do so with my upper extremities — but today my feet really got a chance to shine.

This evening, working away at the office and tapping my feet along to the beat in my headphones, my toe somehow found the on / off switch to my power strip and flipped it, immediately shutting off my Linux workstation and losing all my unsaved work. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I muttered, staring irately at my suddenly dark flat-panel monitors. But even then, I knew exactly what had happened. In fact, I had been feeling the large red power switch through my shoe for several minutes, dimly aware of its function and the consequences of playing around near it, before I finally applied enough pressure to flip it. I turned the lights back on, then moved the power strip behind the box, out of range of my absent-minded feet.

That incident was merely inconvenient, but what happened on the way home was both inconvenient and gross. Adjusting various knobs and dials on my iPod, I saw what I took for a pine cone lying on the the dimly lit sidewalk and decided to step on it, you know, because that’s something I do. As it gave way sweetly, softly beneath my weight, I had ample time to realize I was flattening a ripe turd, but it was too late to do anything about it until my now-lubricated shoe skidded on the cement underneath. Gross.

I really need to start paying attention.

I might also add that I managed to spill coffee on the wall of my cubicle earlier in the day. Don’t ask.

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