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I don’t know which pisses me off more: the fact that recorded music these days is so loud that the details of the recording are lost as a result; or the fact that increasing militarization of community police forces in conjunction with the war on drugs is resulting in an epidemic of middle-of-the-night, gestapo-style raids that kill innocent people and non-violent drug offenders.

The latter is a horrifying harbinger of encroaching totalitarianism, but unlikely to affect me anytime soon; the former is really not that big a deal, especially if you’re living in blissful ignorance of the fact and have no frequent basis for comparison, but it affects me every single day.

I’m just kidding. The raids win. The Cato Institute has a very detailed publication that’s free to download, and it’s worth checking out if you have the time to read a hundred pages or so. Otherwise, just check out “No-Knock Searches Get People Killed.” Either way, try to peel off the protective layer of ironic disattachment and outrage fatigue long enough to feel some genuine rage about the very serious, worsening problem of blurring lines between police and military.

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