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I give up

After 6 years of running home-rolled blog software, hosted on an ever-shifting constellation of free hardware (or not hosted, as has more recently been the case), I’ve finally sold out: bought legitimate, grown-up web hosting that works with battle-hardened and tested blogging software written by people with much more time and, to be honest, web-programming acumen than I ever possessed. The old, with its charming, easy-to-program blue boxes and sans-serif fonts, suffered a stroke several months ago that my ad-hoc hosting provider eventually tracked down to a blown capacitor. The data lives on, quietly convalescing on a magnetic platter somewhere. With any luck I’ll be able to salvage it, gin up a script to force it down Word Press’s craw, and thereby preserve for all present and future people of the world a truly heroic period in my blogging career, back when my time and keystrokes were basically worthless and the characters did flow. This was when most people, myself included, didn’t know what a blog was. I’ll admit that the present-day pervasiveness of the medium does diminish its appeal, which has something to do with my gradual decline in output — but probably not as much as the end of college and my exuberant absorption into corporate America.

Those familiar with my online habits know that I’m usually late to the game where social media are concerned. I was a proud non-myspacer for longer than I care to admit, then a proud non-facebooker for some time after that. But as much as I would love to stay in my warm, uterine cave, nursing grandiose delusions of indy cred and cleaning my many flintlock rifles for the coming assault by the web-chic, I had to cave. I’m just too lazy to deal with writing something as utterly quotidian as blog software in my downtime.

And I couldn’t bear to let a perfectly good domain registration go to waste. Not in this economy.

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  1. Mr. Just a Guy says

    Zach Musgrave 1, faddish internet software 1.

    who will break the tie?

  2. nathan says

    Indy Cred 1, Corporate America 1

    Indeed, who will settle the score? Next week on….

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