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A shocking level of ignorance

These people scare me.  They’re furious, well armed, and talking about revolution — and it’s clear that their feelings are entirely unfounded in reason.

I’m not saying there isn’t reasoned conservative debate to be had on the issues of health care, runaway spending, size of government, etc. It just doesn’t seem to be out in force.

Six weeks ago, I wasn’t ready to write off the entire right wing as racists. It saddens me to say it, but today I’m forced to accept that the country these people want back is the one where a black man isn’t president. The fact that most people in the tea bagger movement, a movement most strongly characterized by inchoate, undirected rage rather than any specific doctrine, don’t even believe this of themselves is a large part of what makes it so insidious, so hard to combat directly, and so sad.

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  1. J-Biscuit says

    Why does it bother you to see people who love America so much?

    Typical liberal, knee-jerk reaction.

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