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Man, condoms sure are swell!

Hulu is more honest to me about advertising than regular TV. It not only knows what I’m watching, it knows who I am. Therefore, when I watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, I get advertisements for Halo. When I watch Jon Stewart, I get advertisements for charities, like the pinko, spread-the-wealth socialist I am. Also, condoms.

Apparently saving the planet from overpopulation / syphilis is also high on the average weepy liberal’s agenda.

I’m drawing the internet’s attention to this advertisement because of the particular way it represents excitement about sex. The spot is actually titled “Can’t wait to get it on,” and indeed the young, attractive couple, so enthused by the remarkable sensation of wearing a Trojan condom (like nothing’s there!), seems to be unable to wait to buy some more condoms so that they can have more sex that feels like they’re not wearing a condom. But notice the lady at the end of the spot:

in my day we prayed for impotence

Lest anyone over 50, or otherwise socially conservative, think that Trojan is playing a little fast and, ahem, loose with their portrayal of expressly-not-for-procreation sexual anticipation, Trojan made sure to stick a disapproving older woman in there to scowl at that rapscallion as he races by. In her day, you just prayed for infertility or impotence.

Also, I know that people get herpes and stuff, but I still think it’s ironic that Trojan is advertising itself as the next best thing to… not buying its product at all.

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