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Out with the new, in with the old

Due to a combination of bad luck and irresponsibility, the old host for, a random machine in a college friend’s basement in Colorado, suffered a blown capacitor and died, taking with it the only copy of all the extracurricular creative output I’d generated from 2003 to 2009. At some point I had made a backup to my local disk, but of course that drive had died in the interim, never to spin up again. The drive on the old server was fine, but 1) its owner was in Berkeley, not Colorado, and 2) it was a SCSI interface, an ancient class of data connector that most systems aren’t capable of mounting. The drive sat in limbo for over a year, until finally I had my friend mail it to me and threw money at the problem to end up with a CD of my precious data. One quick import script later and I had all my archives converted to the WordPress format.

It’s difficult to express how this wealth of archaeological data makes me feel. On the one hand, it’s a meticulous and reasonably honest record of my life, such as this account of my host family in Vienna. On the other, it’s a look back to a trivial and somehow gratuitous form of self-expression that’s frankly embarrassing to read. It’s a view onto a younger, less settled incarnation of myself, one I’m not entirely sure I still want around.

My dad sometimes comments dolefully on how my blog got all serious and full of, you know, content all of a sudden. He has a point. I don’t fully understand why, but I got pretty deeply disenchanted with the idea of online journaling, to the extent where updating the website felt like a chore. Maybe I’m just not self-absorbed enough anymore, or maybe there are only so many “interesting” things one can write about oneself before getting burned out. In any case, you’ll notice that I filed all those old posts under the “Musings” category to highlight their essentially substance-less nature. I think it says a lot that the earliest incarnation of this blog was titled “Zach’s Musings.” I’m not so interested in musing about nothing anymore, for better or worse.

Now, at least, the evidence of all those former musings are part of the public record.

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