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Specific things I remember about high school, in the order they occurred to me while doing laundry

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  2. Kjelene Martin feeling herself up with my hand in the Gig Harbor movie theater during You’ve Got Mail
  3. Acne
  4. Mrs. Shanafelt announcing to her sophomore chemistry class that she had thrown out my exam score when computing the curve, and that as a result I would be receiving a grade of 116%. Thanks for helping me keep a low profile, Mrs. S.
  5. Being told by Josh Deceuster that the secret to dancing was to move my hips, while at a dance, dancing badly.

Sometimes it seems like I remember Ocarina of Time better than most of high school.

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  1. omgitsm3g4n says

    Kjelene Martin? I think I might know her! lol Does she have a twin sister Meryl?

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